Engineering Consultant & Event Organizer


Sancitra Consultant is a company engaged in Engineering Consultancy service, based in Bandung and has a Branch Office in Jakarta.
We provide consultancy service in Building Construction and Engineering Design, Supervision, Project Planning, Urban Design,
Planology, Landscape, and Interior Design.
We also provide Event Organizer services that will assist you in managing of Meetings, Conventions, Workshops, Training, Exhibition, and Company Gathering.


As a trusted partner, Sancitra has worked with many clients in several cities of Indonesia, both Government Agencies and Private Institutions.


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Jl. Basis No. 12 Sekeloa Bandung 40134
Phone : (022) 20459427 / 0822-1676-5100
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Jl. H. Merin No. 71 Meruya Selatan 11650
Phone : (021) 5862352 / 085-222-644-700
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